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Scholarship Information

posted Jul 9, 2012, 9:04 AM by Icon Library

It was mentioned at the ICON meeting that scholarships are available from a number of sources to attend meetings and/or workshops. Here are just a few to start.

ICON offers its members a professional development scholarships of $250 per person which is another option you may want to pursue, http://www.iconlibrary.org/scholarships.

If you want to attend the MCMLA Meeting this Fall in KC think about applying for their scholarship.  Below is the link to MCMLA scholarship form page at http://mcmla.org/travel

You might also want to consider applying for one of the MLA scholarships for the International Joint Meeting in May 2013.  Here is the link to the MLA Scholarship and Awards page, http://www.mlanet.org/awards/grants/.  Many MLA Sections also offer scholarship, so be sure to check with any sections that you are a current member.

Marty reminded everyone that the RML has $20,000 for professional development opportunities with a max. cap of $1,500 per application.  She did mentioned that the RML scholarship is for other opportunities and not really for MLA meeting attendance but it doesn’t have to be for a “library” focused training or meeting. 

I hope some of you will apply for one or more of these scholarships.  On a similar note, MCMLA poster deadline is July 2nd, just in case you are thinking about submitting an idea for this year’s meeting.  (I think it helps when applying for scholarship to have a reason such as a poster to present at a meeting.

If any of you know of other scholarships that our members might apply, please share them on the list.  I really want to encourage everyone to go to the International Joint MLA meeting next May.  I think it will offer a number of unique learning and networking experiences.